There is a wait so long…

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I had a dream about answering a craigslist ad to purchase a Television. I was on a one speed bike traversing through dangerous traffic in a nice neighborhood to get there, and as I approached the apartment, which was all-of-a-sudden in a ghetto, I felt more and more I was walking into a porno shoot. My gut progressively felt hard and my head felt like it was spinning. I raced through the external hallways to the complex looking at the numbers on the doors. When I finally found the door I was received by a very pretty albeit super skinny young African American lady with huge lips and dirty casual clothing, hair pulled back in a ponytail and short bangs to the right side. At first she just stared at me in surprise, looking at me like I wasn’t at all what she expected to look like. She scolded me softly for wearing too much clothing and for being late, and proceeded to try to get me to come into their home. I peeked inside – there was a loud TV playing the news, and kids screaming, and various other distractions, and as I turned and ran away I reailized I had thrown away the shopping cart and bike I had used to travel there, and thought to myself “I have no way of escape but up.” Now I remembered in other dreams that I could fly, and so heading to the tops of the trees was the answer, but I was having trouble getting up into the air while I swam (I swim through the air like I am swimming through water when I fly) That they just barely grabbed me by the legs and that is when I woke up. I have no idea if I got caught, or if I made it to the tops of the willowy trees ahead of me. I did wake up with Annie at my feet, kind of waiting for me to wake up. Awkward feelings.