Exxopolis: The Luminarium Thing Is What you Remembered…

So I went to this thing yesterday – the Exxolplis.  Some of my good friends and I waited in line for three (3!!!) hours to get in.  Yes, it was worth the wait, but I stil have this nagging feeling that my final opinion is based on/enahnced by the memories, not the actual thing itself.  There were five of us standing in line at any given time, and we were more than able to entertain ourselves.  There was our Taco hero, who brought us all tacos and then joined us in the struggle.  There was the loud guy, the misfit, the quiet one, and the rogue (and the one who had to leave early and didn’t even get in.)  There was merriment and fun even before we got into the thing.  Then, there was the actual thing.  Once we got in the vibe in there was tolerant, patient, and MELLOW.  We were probably the most rowdy, least library like people roaming around in there – and there were crying 3 year olds to compare ourselves to.  Yet noone made us feel like we had to “be quiet” or “calm down.”  Every one who worked there told us what they had to tell us and then left us alone.  Which made our experience amazing.   The inside itself – the fabric and its construction – seemed like had been stretched to its seams and about to break, it was dirty and littered with those crying 3 year olds – and yet that doesn’t even make the experience what I remembered.  I was so exhausted from the day of waiting that I went home early and just chilled out.   What I remember were awesome people, beautiful lights, and warm air.   Because of the color, and the vibe, the photos and video are actually a lot more like how I remembered it than my actual experience was.   Interesting indeed: IMAG0938

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