Weee Fest: Like it? I love it…

Weee Fest is my new series of mini festivals held the  last Sunday of every month at Skinny’s Ballroom and Radio Station.    I get to pick the weirdest of the weird, the most obscure, the least likely, the funniest, most wrongest, danciest, experimentalist, and bestest musicians, performers, and artists in Austin and from anywhere (touring?) at the time.    I get to show you all what music I really really really really really  like and what intrigues me the most right now. The facebook event page always has the most information provided about the event. It has already been featured in the Austin Chronicle too.   Its kind of like getting a peek into my brain.   If you want to see some video or photos or hear past shows they are available too.    Meow Meow.

The third event is scheduled for 4/29 and starts at 3pm that Sunday.  The following have been confirmed:

Guy Taylor will curate some songs for us in between bands.  He’s got good taste.

Chris Wigington http://soundcloud.com/chriswigington (5pm)
Popular Culture http://www.facebook.com/popularculturemusic (5:45pm)
Future Museums http://futuremuseums.bandcamp.com/album/pala (6:45pm)
Pat Healy http://youtu.be/bHrFy1e7qAA (7:45pm)
The Cocker Spaniels http://www.cspaniels.com/ (8:45pm)
Timber! The Band http://www.timbertheband.com/ (9:45pm)
Smiles Davis (10:45pm)
Greg Daly (11:45pm)
Ferdinand Rising http://ferdinandrising.bandcamp.com/ (12:15pm)

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