This coming weekend…

Things are so strange, sometimes.  My representation/interpretation of an anti-acl show(s) comes in three formats this year.  How about a small intimate gathering of weirdos, who will treat you like instant family?  Something, Something Inc. at Cherrywood Coffeehouse on Friday the 16th will do just that, while the Acro-Cats of Chicago will be at The City Theatre from September 12th through the 18th. 

F!@$ doing a festival when the “festival” is what we are lamenting? F!#$ getting a buttload of sponsors so that bands you see every day all day seven days a week can play in traffic you cant get around in, and people can get so drunk they get arrested.  How about a nice quiet night for once?  How about a Saturday night, like the 17th, where you can do and hear nothing but the sounds of your own voices, if you wish…NOTHING?  Complete silence? Yes, on the deck at Cherrywood, Saturday night, there will be nothing, for your enjoyment.  Hope you like it.

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