Show coming up at Red 7 January 23rd

Hey guys first show to post here! I am really excited about it…

January 23rd at Red Seven.  Doors open at 9pm.

Four bands.  All come from a different time/space continuum.  All have a story to tell.

Plutonium Farmers.  Yes, my little brother is in this band.  That does not change the fact that he looks/acts/and IS a rock star of the highest degree. (See Jonathan Horne Vs Elton John) They traveled the whole way to Chicago to get their debut album recorded by Steve Albini.  You cannot tell what major influence their music takes – it fluctuates from song to song mainly surf, 90s noise, obscure jazz and ???.  I have found it is useless to try,  just enjoy what comes next.

Venison Whirled.  The history behind this lady is too long to tell here.  Just believe you me when I say that if you have not experienced this performance, you need to.  Getting stoned first is not recommended, its required.   Exceptions to those already prone to trance-like states due to prolonged aural awesomeness.

Ralph White.  Yes, the fiddle player of Bad Livers fame is now doing something even BETTER.  Thumb piano? Accordion?  Banjo? All I can really say about this is only in two points in my life did music really get me through some bad break-ups, and his Navasota Devil River Squirell was one of them.  Something about what he writes makes me want to visit Africa.

The Mancat House Band.  I have so much more to say about this band, because they are the newest and you might not know much about them yet.  Shawn McMillen, who just got some great press in the local Chronicle, has been quietly making badass music for years.  Add that with Carolyn Louise, formerly in the Pillow Queens, and you have fantastic moody, songs to either brighten your day or make you want to scream.

It’s $5 at the door, money goes to the bands, and keeping the lights on.  They are more than worth it.  Bring blankets, shows outside so it might be cold…

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