Perry Logan and Francis E. Dec, Esquire

These are two of my favorite guys in the “kook” category.

Correct me if I am wrong, Perry Logan was on public access for quite a few years until digital took over (I was called a hipster last night because I don’t watch television, but when things like this occur I tend to have my justification.)  I think he works out of his website mainly, putting him COMPLETELY in the internet kook category.  I would absolutely love it if he came into where I work and purchased a latte.  Moreso than when Terantino did a few years ago,  or when EBN told me Emo’s was dangerous.  But I digress.   He hates Alex Jones, all the “conservatives” AND the “liberals” it seems.  What is really amazing about him is his charisma and his cheezy yet entertaining video editing.  You have to see it to believe it.

Speaking of believing, Francis E. Dec, Esquire drank his own kool-aid when he wrote his racist, anti-homosexual, anti-government rants, which were recorded by some famous radio voice in the 80s.  Sampled by many, including Psychic TV.  Amazing work.  The letters he actually sent, which the audio bites are a reading from, are as visually beautiful (read WEIRD) as the audio.

What would Perry Logan and Francis E. Dec mash up be like?

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