Current 5 favorite artists.

I thought I would start this page out with my five favorite visual artists. It feels like their energy and compelling natures drives me to keep helping weirdos do weird things. So, without further ado, here is my list, in no particular order:

Robert Williams: Psyche comics from the underground early times goes classy. How classy can misogyny and hotrods be?

Dave Cooper: Fortunately he has a prolific flikr site. Another comic book writer/drawer gone hoity toity. Some of the most “soft” and “gentle” art that I appreciate.

Ron English: Known for fat Ronald McDonald and other guerilla-like street art, he has also painted his way into galleries and homes. Some of its really subtle and creepy, two things that should ALWAYS go together.

Henri Matisse: The first artist I ever got into. The oldest artist I ever got into. The best art I have ever seen.

Julie Doucet: Probably the only artist on this list who is A. Female and B. without any fine art pieces (that I know of in existance.) Her use of lines and themes are enough to put me into a seizure, like a strobe light. If you havent ready Dirty Plotte, you should.

Well, more to come soon. I am trying for one post a day on this, at least.

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